Actual Projects:

1. Energy Management Consumption System: development of a IoT network of elements connected to buildings and measuring the energy consumption. Collected data is analyzed to detect anamalous consumption and to decide the switchin betheen remote and local energy generators.

Cognitive Radio

Past Projects:

1. Implementing Web and USB communications in Nobreaks: development of USB and Ethernet interfaces embedded in Nobreaks to enable remote monitoring (battery charge, external power off, internal temperature). It was also developed an web interface to communicate with the nobreak and, depending on the configured parameters to switch off selected equipments connected to that nobreak to save battery.

2. IEC 61850 Network Simulator: development of a simulator to interconnect IED according the IEC 61850, to evaluate network topologies and performance. The developed simulator has interface to communicate with physical IED via network interface card of the computer.

3. Removing distortion in Current Transformers (CT): development of a Merging Unit to receive the measured current values, to correct measurement distortions and transit the corrected valued as Sampled Values (SV) according to IEC 61850 norm.

4. Monitoring grounding systems in energy substations: development of a system to monitor conditions of grounding systems, in permanent regime and during atmospheric discharges, in energy substations.