Energy Consumption Management

Management of energy utilization is challenge for any organization since data of energy consumption have to collected to permit the knowleadge about the system and to model important events. Knowing the system and events, new data have to be processed to detect such events, to give feedback to system managers and to automatically control the system.

In this Project is proposed the developed of a system to manage the energy consumption in the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG). The proposed system will permit to know the energy consumption of each building, to detect problems in the energy utilization, and to manage the utilization of energy generated in the campus.

The goals are to obtain average and peak energy consumption in each building, problems in the energy system, miss utilization of energy, and to remotely control equipments according to the UFCG energy policy. This action will reduce the average energy consumption, to reduce the energy peak utilizations, to improve the system management.

In second phase of the project local energy generation and storage will be managed to reduce the energy utilization from the utility company. This will reduce the expenses with energy at UFCG.